3 Common Mixer Grinder Problems And Solutions

3 Common Mixer Grinder Problems And Solutions

A modern kitchen is not complete without smart and modern home appliances that simplify our jobs. An essential appliance for your basic cooking needs is a mixer grinder. Whether you're making purees, shakes, or pastes, a mixer grinder is a useful tool in the kitchen.

There are some disadvantages to a mixer grinder, just as with any other electric device.

The solutions to 3 common mixer grinder problems are

  • Leakage in the Jar: A leak here and a leak there is one of the most common issues one encounters while using a mixer grinder. This leakage can be traced to
  1. The appliance was too old
  2. The blades being worn off
  3. The rubber stopper in the lid is damaged or loose.

A replacement in the lid or the blades mostly solves the problem but if your device still leaks, it’s time to visit an expert. Kenstar insures a warranty of a complete year on its products.

  • Blunt blades: When you put all your ingredients in the mixer grinder and it refuses to churn it into your desired product, you know it’s all because the blades become blunt. Use rock salt to sharpen the blade. Add 1 teaspoon of rock salt to the jar and turn on the mixer grinder. You will notice that the blade is sharper after repeating the process several times. If this doesn’t help go for a replacement of just the blades.
  • The button keeps tripping: When your appliance starts acting possessed, it’s mostly because of overuse and overheating of the motor in the appliance. The best solution to this problem is to let your Mixer grinder breathe. Disconnect the device and let it cool down for some time before you start reusing it.

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