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Tips to Make Your Kenstar Air Cooler More Effective

Tips to Make Your Kenstar Air Cooler More Effective

As the summer heat starts to intensify, an air cooler becomes an essential appliance for many Indian households. If you own a Kenstar air cooler, you are fortunate enough to have a reliable and efficient cooling solution. However, there are still some ways to make your air cooler even more effective.

Remember, a well-functioning air cooler not only keeps you cool and comfortable during hot summer months, but also saves energy and reduces your electricity bills. Read this article for the top eight tips that will help you get the most out of your Kenstar air cooler.

Place your air cooler in the right spot

The location of your air cooler can make a significant difference in its effectiveness. Place it in a well-ventilated area near an open window or door to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the room. Ensure that there are no obstacles around the cooler that can block airflow.

Use the right amount of water

Using the right amount of water in your air cooler is crucial to its performance. Too much water can lead to leakage, while too little water can reduce the cooling effect. Consult your Kenstar air cooler's user manual to determine the correct water level for your particular model.

Clean your air cooler regularly

Regular cleaning is essential for the optimal functioning of your air cooler. Clean the water tank, air filter, and cooling pads at least once a week. Kenstar air coolers come with easy-to-remove cooling pads, making it easy to clean them.

Use ice or chilled water

Adding ice or chilled water to the water tank can boost your air cooler's cooling power. Kenstar Air Coolers like Maha Kool HC 120, Snowcool HC 120, Tallboy HC 105 RE come with an ice chamber.  This will lower the air temperature and provide more refreshing cool air. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the water to enhance the air quality.

Use a compatible fan speed

Kenstar air coolers come with different fan speed settings. Use the fan speed that is appropriate for the room size and temperature. For example, use a higher fan speed for larger rooms or hotter temperatures.

Choose the right Kenstar air cooler model

Kenstar has a range of air cooler models that provide high cooling efficiency. Some of the popular models include Farrata 80, Jett HC 51, Maha Kool HC 120, Snowcool HC 120, Tallboy HC 105 RE, Ventina 60. Choose the model that best suits your room size and cooling needs.

Install a water overflow pipe

Installing a water overflow pipe will prevent water leakage and ensure that your air cooler works efficiently. The pipe will carry away any excess water from the cooler's tank, preventing it from overflowing and damaging your floor.

Replace your cooling pads when necessary

Cooling pads are an essential component of your air cooler. They absorb water and provide cool air by evaporation. Over time, the pads can become clogged with dirt, reducing their effectiveness. Replace the cooling pads when necessary to maintain optimal cooling performance.

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By following these tips, you can ensure that your Kenstar air coolers perform at its best.

So, keep your air cooler in top condition with these easy tips and enjoy a cool and comfortable summer!

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