Change Your Shower Water Temperature With Changing Weather Conditions

Change Your Shower Water Temperature With Changing Weather Conditions

When the seasons change, we add something new to our lives, it mostly happens to be an electric water heater during winters. There are a lot of water heaters on the market but only Kenstar gives you the freedom of choosing quality from an extensive range of water heaters. Kenstar is always evolving the technology so you always have all the more reasons to choose our products.

It’s like a superpower that helps you easily change the shower water temperature with ever-changing weather conditions. With Kenstar water heaters, you could get a refreshing bath and much more. You can use a sleek electric water heater for your bathroom that runs on LPG and blends beautifully with your bathroom now.

Following are the benefits that you get from using the Kenstar HOTZEE-LPG water heater.

  • Auto-Shut Down After 20 Minutes: Since the capacity of this electric water heater is 6 liters, it warms the water for your bath and shuts down automatically after 20 minutes which saves electricity and gas for you. It is convenient as there is no gas wastage if it is left unattended, which already makes it the best hot water heater.
  • Overheat Protection: It keeps you, your family, and your water heater safe by keeping it safe against dry burning, which happens when there is no water in the storage tank and could result in a geyser burst. Buying it is choosing the best geyser in the market.
  • 8 Bar Pressure Compatibility: This helps greatly if you’re living on the top floor of a high-rise building. The water pressure also changes in high-rise buildings, and Hotzee is low water pressure compatible, which makes it the best geyser.
  • Child Safety Lock: Another reason why Hotzee is the best hot water heater is that it keeps your kids safe as well, it provides protection against unwanted fidgeting. Your little ones will be safe even when they touch it by mistake.
  • Summer & Winter Modes: With these modes in your electric water heater, your life gets comfortable. Hotzee heats water to different temperatures in summers and winters, so this water heater for the bathroom is quite smart.

Besides all these, Hotzee is the best geyser with a Copper heat exchanger that helps in heating water quickly while providing flame failure. It comes with a 2-year warranty so you can enjoy safe warm baths as long as you want. If you have been thinking about updating your water heater for the bathroom then Kenstar has a better and smarter option for your home.

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