Choosing Between a Microwave and an OTG

Choosing Between a Microwave and an OTG

In a long list of appliances that have made our lives easy and food tastier, OTG (oven, toaster and grill) and microwave feature somewhere right at the top. However, people are often confused what to buy and how to choose the right appliance for their kitchen.

So, we are here to demystify both the appliances for you, so that you can take a call on whether you need a microwave, an OTG or both. Here are the important things to consider when you’re choosing between a microwave and OTG: The key difference between a microwave and an OTG is the heating method used. While microwave uses electromagnetic waves, an OTG uses electric coils. In terms of the electricity used, an OTG uses lesser power as compared to a microwave.

A microwave takes lesser time to heat (approximately 5 minutes) as compared to an OTG that takes about 15 minutes or so. A microwave is the best for heating, simple cooking and defrosting while an OTG is a great option for baking, toasting and grilling. That being said, the newer models of microwave (also known as microwave oven) come with a convection feature that allows baking as well. With respect to pricing, an OTG is a cheaper option as compared to a microwave. While glass, silicone and ceramic can be safely used in a microwave, an OTG is compatible for glass, silicone, ceramic as well as metal containers. An OTG weighs less as compared to a microwave.

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