Difference between instant water heaters & storage water heaters

Difference between instant water heaters & storage water heaters

It is almost time for the onset of winter, we could already feel the chill in the air. It also means that it’s the right time to choose and update your geyser at home. We all know that there’s a huge variety when it comes to talking about a geyser at your home. There are many kinds of water heaters in the market.

When it comes to your home, you get the choice between an instant geyser, a storage water heater or a gas geyser. You have to understand the basic differences among these to know which one works for your home. The storage water heater is your normal water heater with a tank inside. This tank is filled with water, gets heated and the hot water is stored in the tank which could be used later.

Let’s help you understand the differences between these water heaters so you know which one works best for you.

  • Instant Geyser - This geyser works instantly as the name suggests. Secondly, an instant water heater has no storage tanks inside them. That’s why they are smaller than traditional water heaters. Their size makes them convenient to fit around the house. These geysers are more suited for homes that have less consumption of hot or warm water. The biggest advantage is that you get hot water as soon as you switch it on. It saves time and that’s why people are choosing an instant geyser for their home. This geyser is mostly used for washing utensils, or connected to a wash basin so people can easily wash their hands with water heaters. Inste 3L is an instant geyser that gives you outstanding performance and has a shockproof plastic body.
  • Storage Geyser - This geyser is the one which has been used in almost every house. It can store hot/ warm water for a long time and this geyser is quite easy to get installed at your home. Since their set-up is also easier because they don’t require any special installation or plumbing, which makes storage geysers the best geysers for everyone. Also, in these, any flow rate specification is not required at all. With geysers like Fresh Neo 10L, you get a rustproof ABS body and with Spring 6L, you get geyser that is energy efficient and gives you constant shower pressure.
  • Gas Geyser - This geyser uses gas rather than power to work and the gas geyser is considered to be highly energy efficient and cost-effective as well. Also, in the gas geysers, the heating is steadier than in the other ones. These geysers are cheaper than the electric ones. Talking of the disadvantages with the gas geyser is that the burner gets damaged easily and these also release carbon monoxide that is hazardous. One other thing to know is that the installation of a gas geyser takes more time than a normal geyser. Hotzee-PNG 6L & Komfort-LPG 6L are the gas geysers that are designed to heat water quickly with a flame failure & overheat protection. We hope that this helps you understand the variations between the different types of water heaters. With the points specified above, it will be easier for you to decide which geyser works best for your family. If you are looking for some of the brands serving the best geyser in India, then Kenstar has an extensive range of the best geysers in the market.

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