Get an ecstatic bathing experience with Kenstar Water Heaters

Get an ecstatic bathing experience with Kenstar Water Heaters

How about having a refreshing morning start or getting relaxed after a chaotic day? A calming shower can re-energize you. A soothing shower is the best way either for a refreshing start or for a relaxed sleep.

When warm water touches your bare feet and gives a sense of calmness, you’ll get charged up again. All you need to do is search for the best water heater for bathrooms. But before making a final decision, don’t ignore the following factors such as performance, safety, power consumption, instant heating, etc.

Digital Temperature Technology

Excessive water heating leads to waste energy so you need a smart water heater that can tell you the temperature also. Kenstar presents TRIGON DIGI, one of the best geysers in India. It will provide you with the perfect warmth which your body needs.

Rust-Proof and Shock-Proof

Safety and durability must be the top priority in the case of an electric water heater. If safety is also your topmost priority, Kenstar INSTE, FRESH, and HOTZEE are water heaters that have a shock-proof plastic body with flame failure protection. These bathroom water heaters provide you with the utmost safety, so you can bathe with total peace of mind.

Instant Heating Feature

During your morning rush, can you wait for half an hour for getting the warm water? We know, it’s not possible. Kenstar TRIGON, SERENE, SPRING, FRESH, etc are the best instant water heaters, which will make your every morning hurry-less & worry-less.

Water Storage Tank & Pressure Compatibility

Are you living in a multi-storeyed building? A water heater with a high-pressure compatibility bathroom water geyser will give you the right water flow. Kenstar water heaters like FRESH HORIZONTAL, QUBORECT, STAR F, etc. All these water heaters are highly suitable for high-rise buildings. Also, includes a top-quality water storage tank that will prevent your precious time.

BEE Rating & ISI Certification

Always be well-informed, so you can buy the smartest and safest geyser water for your home. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency gives the rating to home appliances, go with appliances that have a BEE-star rating and are ISI certified. Kenstar

Pro Tip:

Purchasing a water heater that provides you additional benefits such as free installation and connection pipes (inlet & outlet pipes). It is affordable and highly convenient. Kenstar water heaters provide FREE installation, connection pipes, and fasters. Kenstar delivers total peace of mind with a prolonged warranty like TRIGON Digi, SERENE Digi offers a 2-year product warranty and a 7-year tank warranty.

Check out the Kenstar website to explore our wide range of water heaters.

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