How To Make Your Water Heater Energy Efficient

How To Make Your Water Heater Energy Efficient

Are you also the one who is looking at saving money in the right way? As the saying goes, ‘The easiest way to save money is to waste less energy’ the mantra of saving your hard earned money is to be energy efficient. Be it saving energy to cut your electricity bill costs or living an environmentally friendly life, making your water heater energy efficient can be a good way to achieve it. As water heaters are one of the largest energy-consuming appliances in a household.

Read this blog to know some easy tips to make your water heater more energy efficient regardless of the fact whether you use an LPG water heater or an electric water heater.

  • Choose The Right Size Of Water Heater: Sometimes we install a water heater with a large tank which may not be required for our hot water consumption, so the first thing to consider while buying a water heater for yourself is to estimate your water usage and figure out which tank size you would require. A water heater with a small tank will use less energy only if you use less hot water. If your household needs more hot water, then buying a water heater with a small tank may lead to its overuse leading to higher utility costs. So if your water heater is constantly being used you may consider buying a storage water heater like KENSTAR Serene which comes with tank capacities 6l, 10l, 15l & 25l, and KENSTAR Spring with tank capacities of 10l, 15l, and 25l.
  • Turn Down The Thermostat: While you have installed your water heater, you may consider turning down its thermostat. Turning down the thermostat may lead to saving some energy having a significant impact on the electricity bill. A thermostat of 120 degrees is good to use for a household and so you can lower it for your water heater without even noticing the change in water temperature while using the water heater. This small step now reduces consumption cost and helps curb scalding and helps lower mineral buildup and corrosion of heater and pipes.
  • Drain Your Water Heater: It is advised to drain and dry your water heater every season. It may help in removing the sediments that may lower the heating efficiency.

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