Indulge In A Smooth Bathing Experience With Kenstar Water Geysers

Indulge In A Smooth Bathing Experience With Kenstar Water Geysers

A comforting shower after a stressful day or a rejuvenating shower to kick start your morning makes for a good mood and stress relief. Kenstar Geysers are designed to maximize the comfort of the user. Our range of Kenstar water heaters features Instant Water Heaters, Storage immersion, and Gas Water Heaters that are ready to provide warm water in a matter of few minutes.

You can enjoy a smooth bathing experience with Kenstar Geysers for the following reasons:

  • Tank Capacity: Kenstar's range of electric water heaters come in a wide variety of capacities ranging from 1 liter to 50 liters, making them suitable for any bathroom size. Its large capacities make it a very durable and long-lasting storage heater. Serene storage water heater comes in 6l, 10l, 15l &25l capacities
  • Mounting Type: Regardless of the size of your bathroom, Kenstar Geysers are available as vertical and horizontal mounting options, making them extremely versatile. Fresh Horizontal has a horizontal and compact design that is perfect for neatly tucking away in a corner.
  • Aesthetic Looks: If you have a Kenstar water heater at yours be prepared for compliments. Kenstar Water heaters add an aesthetic appeal to any bathroom, thanks to their futuristic and stylish design. For example Spring has an aesthetic design married with efficiency and performance.
  • Technical Specialities: Backed by ISI certifications all Kenstar Geysers use high-quality products to ensure long-lasting rust-free life so that you enjoy a hot comforting bath whenever you want.
  • Unique Glassline Technology: Designed with Glassline Technology, and a Shockproof Plastic Body. Kenstar geysers ensure long-lasting, rust-free performance so you can enjoy that relaxing shower whenever you like. Make your bathing experience relaxing and smooth by ordering a Kenstar water heater from our wide range.

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