Iron v/s Steamer - Which works better?

Iron v/s Steamer - Which works better?

Who doesn’t want their style and personality to be crisp and wrinkle-free? Do you also get confused when deciding the right appliance to crease out your wardrobe? 

The market offers a wide range of fabric care appliances & choosing the right one for your needs will not be tricky anymore. This article will guide you to understand the difference between these fabric care options available to help you decide the best fabric care products to manage your wardrobe. 


A garment steamer removes wrinkles quickly using high temperatures steam. A steamer is a handheld appliance that comes with a connected water reservoir to help throw the steam directly on the fabrics. You can direct the steam onto the wrinkled areas of the fabric without the risk of coming into contact with it.  

Iron comes in two differentiations: Dry Iron, and Steam Iron. However both these need to be guided directly on the fabric that is to be creased. Irons have a flat surface that heats up to be pressed horizontally along the fabric to press the wrinkles and crease them. 

Knowing the type of fabric that you are planning to crease out is also very necessary to decide the appliance that would work best for it. 

Silk, linen, chiffon, and cotton fabrics are prone to wrinkling, unlike synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon, rayon, etc. 

When to use an IRON

Iron may be your go-to appliance when soothing out heavy fibres like wool or denim. An iron works beautifully for cotton and linen fabrics. 

Ironing the fabrics helps you easily crisp cuffs, pleats, and other parts of the cloth that need shaping. 

Using an iron is recommended in cases of tailoring and sewing as it gives a better-finished product. 

However, to use an iron you may need to have a dedicated ironing board. Due to the requirement of an ironing board, its portability is limited. 

You also need to be very cautious with the temperature setting and pressure applied while ironing to avoid burning your clothes. Many irons like Kenstar Comfort and Zesty come with a temperature control knob to help you set the right heat levels. 


Want to crease out that large outfit with many drapes? A garment steamer is an appliance for you. A handheld steamer can also be easily carried when you are travelling, thanks to its easily portable quality. Kenstar Fabrica is a portable garment steamer that comes with a detachable water tank.

Garment steamers do not require a dedicated board, you can use a garment steamer easily by hanging your clothes on a hanger or the back of any door.

Garment steamers are a great tool to smooth out wrinkles on pillows, drapes, large pieces of fabric, and other household items made from cloth. They can be used for delicate fibres like silk or cashmere which may otherwise get ruined with a high heat of an iron. 

No matter which fabric care appliance you use for your clothes, be assured that you are careful with the temperature levels. Also, never forget to switch off the appliance once you are done using it. 

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