Microwave cooking may be quick and easy – but are microwaves safe for your food?

Microwave cooking may be quick and easy – but are microwaves safe for your food?

Cooking was not fun a few decades ago because it involved numerous hassles and time-consuming tasks, including hopping, grinding, baking and cleaning. But in today’s time, due to smart kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinders, OTG, Microwave Ovens, Hand blenders, etc, cooking is the most loving thing to do.

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Cooking with a convection microwave oven is extremely convenient and time-saving. However, many people believe that microwaves can harm your health.

In this blog, we’ll help you to understand whether microwaves are safe to use or not. Keep reading to the end for the safety advisory.

How do microwave ovens work?

Microwaves work on the principle of electromagnetic waves. It converts electrical energy into electromagnetic waves. These waves heat the water molecules present in the food and eventually heat your meal.

Microwaves heat your food by emitting radiation. Generally, we associate the word ‘radiation’ with some nuclear & atomic disasters that happened in the past. But understand that there are many types of radiation. Remember that light is also radiation.

Is radiation hazardous to your health?

Do you know, every method of cooking ultimately reduces the nutritional value of food? Concerning the microwave, it provides the most appropriate temperature to cook food and make quick meals. The best benefit of microwaves is that they provide Oil-FREE cooking which helps you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reduce fat.

Microwaves aren’t hazardous to health when used with the right precautions. It has completely sealed metallic walls that keep radiation from escaping from the oven. Even for some foods, microwaves reduce the formation of harmful compounds in food such as Kenstar CONVECTION, GRILL, SOLO Microwave Ovens.

Precautions while using microwaves

  • Never use plastics

Using plastic to heat your food in the microwave is a bad idea. Always use microwave-friendly containers.

  • Stay away from the microwave window

Always be on the safe side. Don’t touch the window area or door while the microwave is working. Also, keep your children away from kitchen appliances.

  • Keep your face to the side

Don’t press your face while opening the door of the microwave. Keep your face at least 1 foot away from the microwave.

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