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Pro Tips to Increase Cooler Efficiency

Pro Tips to Increase Cooler Efficiency

As the temperature rises, it can be challenging to stay cool during the hot summers in India, especially in the northern regions where temperatures can soar up to 45°C. 

Air coolers are an affordable and convenient way to beat the heat.

To ensure that you get the maximum efficiency out of your air cooler, here are a few tips to follow:

Maintain proper ventilation in the room

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers require the right airflow to deliver maximum cooling. To achieve this, ensure proper ventilation in the room. You don't need to close all the windows and doors.

Utilize the Ice Chamber Feature

When you need an icy solution during the peak of summer, consider using the ice chamber feature available in some air coolers such as Kenstar SNOWCOOL HC 120 and TALL BOY HC 105 RE. Adding ice to the cooler increases its efficiency and helps it deal with high temperatures effectively.

Clean the Cooling Pads

Like all home appliances, air coolers need regular cleaning. Ensure you change or clean the cooling pads and clean the water tank using a brush.

If you are looking for the best air cooler in India, consider Kenstar air coolers, which feature highly dense Honeycomb cooling pads to deliver maximum cool breeze.

Install the Cooler Near the Window

Installing the air cooler near the window ensures proper airflow and maximizes cooling efficiency. Also, reduce heat in the room by switching off other appliances and lights while the cooler is in use.

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