Protect Your Geyser From Hard Water

Protect Your Geyser From Hard Water

If you are looking for the best water heaters or the best geysers for a comforting hot shower then you are at the right place. Before we get into the comforts of a hot shower let’s also consider the points that one should keep in mind before buying a water heater.

To start with, one must know what kind of geyser they are looking for, it can either be an instant water heater or a storage water heater. You should also consider the size and shape of the geyser, as well as whether or not it can handle hard water.

Hot water and hard water are difficult to combine, hence, one must consider buying the best water heater to prevent damage to the heating element as hot water creates scaling in the inner tank of the geyser.

Now the question arises how exactly should you protect your water heaters from hard water?

- The best way to prevent your water heater from getting damaged is to use a corrosion-resistant water tank. The best example is STAR 15L from Kenstar which has a 5-star BEE rating and comes with a heavy-duty magnesium anode rod that prevents the tank from corrosion. The magnesium rod is also replaceable and comes with a long-lasting warranty of 7 years on the tank and a 2-year product warranty. STAR water heater from Kenstar is not only a great water heater for bathrooms but the price for the same is also very affordable. Other water heaters you can choose from include the Spring 25L, and Fresh 15L, and if you are looking for a low-capacity water heater, Kenstar offers the Inste 3L and Hotzee 6L.

- Filters designed specifically for geysers to protect against iron and scaling are available on the market. Iron particles are removed by filters, giving you a better bathing and shampooing experience. Furthermore, these filters can keep the bathroom's aesthetics intact by preventing ugly iron stains from forming on the toilet.

- The Serene Digi from Kenstar comes with a capacity of 25 liters which is sufficient for large families and is also suitable for high-rise buildings. It comes with an 8 BAR pressure compatibility and a shock-proof plastic body making it one of the best water heaters. The blue sapphire enamel glass-lined coated tank comes with a multifunctional valve and a replaceable magnesium anode rod which helps in preventing corrosion.

The next time you are out to buy a hot water heater make sure you purchase the best geyser available.

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