Quick Breakfast Solution - Bigfill Sandwich Griller

Quick Breakfast Solution - Bigfill Sandwich Griller

Missing some fun in your everyday breakfast? Maybe it lacks something as interesting as a scrumptious sandwich. Spice up your breakfast routine with the Bigfill G Sandwich Griller.

What makes sandwiches different from other breakfast options?

It is a fact that you can be really creative and experiment with different fillings and flavors for your sandwich. It lets you explore the chef inside you and pick a filling that fits your mood, supplements your health, or fulfills your taste buds.

The Bigfill G by Kenstar is a great choice of sandwich makers, even for extra-large bread slices. It helps to keep your toast bread crispy on the outside and completely cooks the inside cheesy vegetable fillings.

Do you know what makes the Bigfill G sandwich griller the best-grilled sandwich maker?

Capacity for two large bread slices

The capacity of Bigfill G allows you to cook two extra-large sizes of bread at one time. This gives you the comfort of cooking your entire breakfast in one go.

Non-stick plate

For healthy cooking and easy cleaning, Bigfill G comes with non-stick plates. It prevents the bread or extra filling from sticking to the surface of the sandwich griller and evenly heats the entire slice of sandwich

Deeper groves

Its deeper groves help to accommodate fillings deeper than other normal sandwich makers to give you perfectly grilled, sumptuous sandwiches.

Power ON & READY indicator

Being an electric sandwich maker, it has a power ON and READY indicator to signal you when your grilled sandwiches are ready to be served.

Cool-touch handle

The Bigfill G sandwich griller has a heat-resistant body and a cool-touch handle to prevent the burning of hands and make it easily operable by all members of the family.

Two-year warranty

Everyone wants to keep their kitchen appliances in good working order, and so Kenstar Bigfil G comes with a 2-year warranty to help you fix the problem. If the product breaks down, Kenstar provides you with service assistance and replaces or repairs the product within the warranty period.

The Bigfill G Sandwich Griller for extra-large bread slices by Kenstar needs a 1000-watt power supply to run at maximum capacity.

Now you can have a delicious, crunchy breakfast every day with Kenstar Bigfill G. Order the best sandwich griller online now!

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