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What is the difference between 500 watts vs 750 watts mixer grinder?

What is the difference between 500 watts vs 750 watts mixer grinder?

Our modern kitchens would not be complete without the modern appliances that simplify our daily tasks and make the process of food preparation faster. In a kitchen, an essential appliance for most of your basic cooking needs is a mixer grinder. Kitchen mixer grinders are a godsend because they can be used for many varying recipes, that include purees, shakes and shakes as well.

In the market, there are many options for Mixer Grinder models. You should consider all features and technical specifications according to your preferences, as mixers of different wattages will offer you different benefits. 

Mixer grinder wattage is vitally important to understand if you need it or use it on a daily basis. As per the basic understanding of wattage, it is directly proportional to the energy it consumes. In simpler words, if the wattage of a mixer grinder is elevated, it will consume more power units. Moreover, a higher wattage is accompanied by a faster motor rotation rate.

In regards to mixer grinder wattage, here are some things to consider-

  • RPM: It is crucial to consider the RPM of a mixer grinder since it indicates how quickly it can rotate the blade. An ideal mixer grinder should have an RPM between 18000 and 23000 for optimum performance. If possible, choose a mixer grinder with a speed control knob so you can adjust the settings as required for the kind of ingredient you are mixing and grinding. A mixer with a 500-watt power consumption will have an RPM ranging from 18000 to 20000. The RPM range is from 185000 to 20000 for a mixer grinder with 750-watt power consumption. Meanwhile, a mixer grinder with a 1000-watt power consumption will have an RPM ranging up to 22000. Spice 500W mixer grinder with a lower RPM is a perfect choice for grinding spices and nuts, whereas a Klove 750W mixer grinder with a higher RPM is suitable for more vigorous grinding.  
  • Power Consumption: Mixer grinders with a 500-700 watt power range will help you save money, as they eat up lesser power statistically speaking. Kenstar Robusto 500W and Taskee 5C 500W are energy-efficient mixer grinders. While 750W motors are designed for heavy-duty applications, they consume more power. 
  • Performance: A 500-watt motor is designed to handle routine grinding duties, whereas mixer grinders with 750 watts are meant to do both ordinary and difficult heavy-duty grinding. An electric grinder with 500 watts will run for approximately 20 minutes, whereas an electric grinder with 750 watts will run for approximately 30 minutes. 

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