Which is the best Room Heater: OFR or Electric Heater?

Which is the best Room Heater: OFR or Electric Heater?

Room heaters are the essential electric appliance that helps you keep warm and comfortable during chilly winter days. The market has two types of heater choices: Oil-Filled Heaters and Electric Heaters, to be considered for your home. When selecting a heater for your home, it is essential to know the difference between them. 

In this article, we will inform you about Oil-Filled Heater and electric heater that will help you make the right choice to keep your room warm during winter. 


An oil-filled heater or oil heater, also known as Oil-Filled Radiator is a type of room heater that runs on electricity but uses oil as a heat reservoir. Oil does not produce energy, but it retains heat and helps keep the room at a steady temperature for a longer period of time.These heaters can be used safely in homes with newborn babies and kids as it neither burns oxygen nor reduces humidity, keeping the indoor environment healthy to breathe. As a result of these properties, oil-fired heaters do not cause any suffocation or dryness to the eyes or rashes on the skin.

Kenstar offers a great range of Oil-filled heaters like Ferno 9, Ferno 11 & Ferno 13.These heaters keep the indoor environment warm and are ultra-silent.These heaters have the cord winder, making the usage convenient without long wires lingering on the floor.With an assured warranty of 2 years on the product, these heaters have a feature of ‘over heat protection’ that maximizes its efficiency. Kenstar oil heaters come with Castor wheels making their mobility extremely convenient incase you need to move the heater around the rooms of your house. 


In the evolution to find more efficient ways to heat and keep the indoor environment warm, the electric heating appliances were invented as an energy-efficient alternative to gas heating. 

Kenstar offers a range of electric heaters, both convection and blower heaters to warm up your rooms. Electric heaters are very quick when it comes to raising the temperature of the room. The metal of an electric heater heats up quickly as soon as energy is supplied to them. These heaters are ideal for small families and do not require large spaces to be kept or used. They come in compact sizes and great heating efficiency. The Kenstar Warmo, Blower, Quartz etc. come with a great heat radiating capacity and are ISI-certified. These electric heaters have an easy to lift handle & are light in weight & compact, making it easy to be carried from one room to another as per the need and convenience.

As compared to the Oil heaters, the electric heaters may be a little bit noisy and also may require continuous protection from rusting. 

So as you plan to buy a room heater for you, make sure you consider all the factors that include, the size of your room, safety, warranty, electricity consumption etc. Hope you enjoy a warm and comfortable winter. 

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