A Comprehensive Guide for Kenstar Water Heaters: Quality and Affordability Combined

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When it comes to finding the perfect water heater for your home, Kenstar is a brand that stands out in the market. Renowned for its innovative designs, durability, and affordability, Kenstar water heaters caters to every household. Whether you're looking for an instant water heater or a larger capacity electric water heater, Kenstar has a range of options to suit your requirements. In this blog, we will delve into the features, benefits, and pricing of Kenstar water heaters, helping you make an informed decision.

Why Choose Kenstar Water Heaters?

Kenstar has established itself as a trusted name in the home appliances sector. Their water heaters are no exception, offering a blend of modern technology, safety features, and energy efficiency. Here’s why Kenstar water heaters are a popular choice:

  1. Advanced Technology: Kenstar water heaters are equipped with the latest German Blue Sapphire technology, ensuring efficient heating and consistent hot water supply.
  2. Safety Features: Safety is a top priority for Kenstar, water heaters come with multiple safety features like shock and splash proof body.
  3. Durability: Built with high-quality materials, Kenstar water heaters are designed to last, providing years of reliable usage.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: With sleek and stylish designs, Kenstar water heaters complement the modern bathroom decor.

Types of Kenstar Water Heaters

Kenstar offers a variety of water heaters to cater to different needs and preferences. Here’s a look at some of their popular models:

  1. Instant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters are ideal for those who require hot water immediately. Kenstar’s instant water heaters are designed to be compact and provide rapid heating, making them perfect for small households or kitchens.

  • Model Example: Kenstar KWIK Instant Water Heater
  • Capacity: 3L & 5.9L
  • Features: Quick heating, shock and splash proof body, pressure release valve
  1. Storage Water Heaters

Storage water heaters are designed to provide ample hot water for households having more members. Kenstar’s storage water heaters come in various capacities to meet diverse needs.

  • Model Example: Kenstar JACUZZI PLUS Storage Water Heater
  • Capacity: 10L, 15L & 25L
  • Features: Advanced polymer coated tank, IPX4 protection safeguards against water splashes, temperature control knob
  1. New Age Water Heaters

New age water heaters are the go-to choice for instant hot water needs. Kenstar’s innovative new age water heaters offer a compact design with quick heating capabilities, making them ideal for your homes or kitchens.

  • Model Example: Kenstar TRIGON DIGI Water Heater
  • Capacity: 15L & 25L
  • Features: Large storage capacity, variable temperature settings, Feather touch temperature control.

Pricing of Kenstar Water Heaters

One of the key factors that make Kenstar water heaters appealing is their affordability. The water heater price varies based on the model, capacity, and features, ensuring there is a suitable option for every budget. This diverse pricing ensures that customers can find a high-quality, efficient Kenstar water heater that meets their specific needs without breaking the bank.

Choosing the Best Water Heater for Your Needs

When selecting the best water heater for your needs, consider the following factors:

  1. Capacity: Determine the right capacity based on your household size and hot water needs.
  • Instant Water Heaters- 3-6L water heaters are suitable for kitchens.
  • Storage Water Heaters- 10-15L water heaters are suitable for families.
  • Commercial Water Heaters- 35-50L water heaters are available for commercial needs.
  1. Type: Decide between an instant water heater and a storage water heater based on your usage pattern. Instant water heaters are suitable for quick showers and kitchens, while storage water heaters are better for longer usage.
  2. Safety Features: Ensure the water heater has adequate safety measures like shock-proof body, a pressure release valve, and an insulated tank.

Conclusion: Finding the Best Water Heater in India

Kenstar offers some of the best water heaters in India, known for their quality, affordability, and advanced features. Whether you need an instant water heater for quick hot water or a high-capacity electric water heater for your family, Kenstar has a solution that fits your needs.



Kenstar has a strong service support network across India to ensure prompt service and maintenance of your appliances, and 350+ service centers across India.


Kenstar has a strong service support network across India to ensure prompt service and maintenance of your appliances, and 350+ service centers across India.

Email your service request to customercare@kenstar.in

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