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Be Summer-Ready With Kenstar Air Coolers

Be Summer-Ready With Kenstar Air Coolers

Summer is here, and with the soaring temperatures, it becomes difficult to stay cool and relaxed. But fear not! Kenstar has got you covered with their range of eco-friendly and pocket-friendly air coolers.

Looking for air coolers for homes that are both aesthetic and energy-efficient?

Here are the top 5 picks of Kenstar coolers for home that could be the ideal choice for battling the summer heat with fresh and clean air.


Looking for an air cooler for a room that enhances your comfort level and fits in minimal space? Then look no further than the Kenstar JETT HC 51, the perfect match for your needs. Its small size allows you to place this cooler in your room, hall, balcony, or rooftop. With a power consumption of only 150 watts and a 12.5-inch large fan, it delivers maximum air throw to cool your entire space.


Most air coolers struggle to circulate cooling in a large space, but not the Kenstar MAHAKOOL. Designed for multipurpose use, this jumbo-sized cooler has a 20-inch big and powerful fan that makes it ideal for domestic, commercial, and industrial use. It also features bigger wheels for smoother and more convenient mobility.


Looking for a smart air cooler that you can purchase online to make your summer super chill? Check out the Kenstar SNOWCOOL. It comes in different variants based on water tank capacity (120 L, 90 L, and 60 L), and its touch control feature makes it the most advanced desert cooler for home. Get extreme freshness during those sweat-dripping days.


The Kenstar VENTINA is an ideal combination of the cheapest air cooler with effective air delivery for your small family. It's designed for small spaces and gives you a high air throw that circulates air to every nook and corner of your room. It also comes with an inverter-compatible feature, so you don't need to worry about power cuts.


The Kenstar FARRATA 80 is another great option for those who need a cooler for larger spaces. It's equipped with a high-performance motor and a strong air delivery of 4000 m3/hr. Its 3-sided dense honeycomb cooling pads are highly durable and effective. With a 80 L tank capacity and noiseless cooling, you can feel the freshness from the heat waves. Check out the personal desert cooler price at our website.

So, if you're looking for an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly way to stay cool this summer, Kenstar has got you covered with their range of air coolers.

Check out the Kenstar website to explore their wide range of products and pick the perfect cooler for your needs.

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