How Does an Air Cooler Work ?

How Does an Air Cooler Work ?

Summers are here and so is the sweltering heat. And, when it is too hot to step out in the sun, what’s better than sitting with a tub of ice cream, binge watching your favorite show, all while enjoying the pleasant and cold air of your air cooler. But have you ever wondered how does an air cooler really work? We are here to tell you all about it.

It is pretty simple; air coolers use a process called “evaporative cooling”. It is a natural process in which cooling happens when air moves over water. Think of it this way, when we are at a beach, no matter how hot, the sea breeze is always cool. It is so because the air is moving over water.

Using the same concept, an air cooler comprises of three main parts – an absorbent sheet, a fan and a water tank. So, when you fill your air cooler with cold water, the absorbent sheet soaks that water. As the water evaporates from this sheet, the air around it becomes cooler, since this air is moving over water. Hence, the air which blows of the cooler is chill and very natural in its feel.

Using this process of cooling is one of the main reasons why air coolers are a healthier and cheaper option. Their maintenance is easy and they have a long life, making it a sustainable option for you and your family. Moreover, since the process of air cooling used in coolers in natural, they do not need to be used with any pre-conditions such as a closed room or supplemented with heavy machinery. Moreover, they also allow for the air to circulate in the room so that it remains fresh without feeling stuffy.

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