Know The Types Of Room Heaters: Your Warm Shield From Winter Waves

Know The Types Of Room Heaters: Your Warm Shield From Winter Waves

During the harsh winter waves and after a hectic day, do you also desperately crave a comfortable and calm sleep? However, wearing warm clothes and having a bulky blanket may not be enough, especially during the mornings and evenings.

You'll need to have room heaters in your room to bear these winter chills and get instant warmth. Only a heater can give you a comfy temperature inside the home, no matter what's the outside temperature.

Are you still confused about finding the ideal room heater for your home? Read this article further to help you decide the best room heaters based on your room area, budget, power consumption, and technology.

Oil-filled Room Heaters

If you feel suffocated and dry due to the room heater, OFR is the best option for your home. It works on the principle of infrared radiation. That's why they are also named Infrared Heaters.

With no oil smell and the sleek design of Kenstar FERNO 9 Fin, FERNO 11 Fin, and FERNO 13 Fin make it the most silent and safest OFR room heater for winters. These heaters are the least power consumption and the safest choice for families.

Fan Heater or Blower Room Heaters

Are you looking for a small room heater at a low price? Then, fan heaters will be the warmest choice for you. These heaters work on convection technology, so they are also known as convection heaters. A coil or panel has been placed inside the heater, and the fan tilts down towards that heat panel and provides you with the ultimate heating.

With the dual-fan blower, Kenstar Convector WARMO C, WARMO C gives warmth to even the farthest corners of your room. It has an easy-lifting handle and adjustable base stand so that you can conveniently place it on any surface.

Radiant Heaters

These heaters are also called halogen heaters or infrared heaters. The rods emit rays of heat that immediately heat the surfaces on which they land, spreading sufficient warmth throughout the room.

Kenstar presents a Halogen Heater WARMO heater that will give warmth so you can make every moment unforgettable.

On a safety note, Kenstar Halogen WARMO H, QUARTZ Heater is the safest and most affordable electric room heater because when the room gets warm, it will switch off automatically.

Check out the Kenstar website to explore our wide range of Room Heaters.

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