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Hot summer days require us to maintain our cool to take the important decisions with our full attention. One such important decision is to buy the right cooling solution for your home.


Kenstar Summer Stoppers Coolers come with distinct features ranging from different tank sizes to different prices to meet the needs of everyone. One important feature to consider while buying the best cooler is the type of cooling pads that your cooler comes with.


The material with which these cooling pads are made plays an important role in your cooler. Cooling pads absorb the water to cool down the air that passes through them and circulates this cool air throughout the room. Two types of cooling pads used in different models of Kenstar Coolers are Woodwool cooling pads & Honeycomb cooling pads.


Here is your guide to being well informed about both types of cooling pads and choosing the right one for you.


  • Honeycomb Cooling Pads:Honeycomb cooling pads resemble the honeycomb and hence are named so. They are made of well-designed cellulose material and are known to have good levels of water retention. The water retention compartments in honeycomb cooling pads quickly transform the outside hot air into cool humid air.


These cooling pads are low-maintenance. They are treated with a chemical to prevent deterioration for 2-3 years, making them long-lasting high-end air coolers. These cooling pads are expensive but their durability makes them cost-effective.


Honeycomb cooling pads provide better evaporative cooling with their material and design. They cool the air efficiently to give the ultimate cooling experience. Some best Kenstar air coolers that come with honeycomb cooling pads are Hercules HC 100Turbocool Neo HC 105Little 35Glam 50 RE, etc.


  • Wood Wool Cooling Pads:Wood wool cooling pads are also called aspen cooling pads. They are made of synthetic fiber and wood shavings and resemble dry grass. Wood wool cooling pads have a comparatively low water retention capacity. The small sprinters in these cooling pads absorb water and cool down the outside air.


Wood wool cooling pads are high-maintenance. They need to be cleaned very frequently.


These cooling pads are very cheap but need to be replaced every season. These cooling pads are not very effective in terms of evaporative cooling and they give a moderate cooling efficiency experience. Some cost-effective ranges of Kenstar coolers with wood wool cooling pads are Turbocool Neo 50 REIcecool 60Doublecool Dx 55Cool Blaster Neo 80, and many more.


However, it isn't advised to switch the type of cooling pads in your cooler on your own. Every cooler has features to support the kind of cooling pads originally fitted in it. Changing the type of cooling pad may affect the cooling efficiency of the cooler.


Explore the best air coolers on the Kenstar website https://kenstar.in/ 


Choose the air cooler that fits your needs from the Kenstar range of Summer Stoppers.


Kenstar has a strong service support network across India to ensure prompt service and maintenance of your appliances, and 350+ service centers across India.


Kenstar has a strong service support network across India to ensure prompt service and maintenance of your appliances, and 350+ service centers across India.

Email your service request to customercare@kenstar.in

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