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Preparation for food comes with performing some repetitive tasks. There are some great appliances on the market to facilitate these tasks. Kitchen appliances like food processors and mixer grinders are great kitchen buddies that help make your work convenient.


Appliances such as mixers juicers grinders, and food processors are used in the kitchen, and finding the right kitchen appliance for your needs can be tricky sometimes. Both mixer grinders and food processors are used to mix things, prepare the dough, make beverages, and grind spices among other things. Read below the difference between a food processor and a mixer grinder to figure out what you need to buy for your kitchen. Food processors may help you easily chop, blend, dice and slice while mixer-grinders help in easy mixing, liquidizing, and making chutneys. Buying both these appliances for your kitchen is also a good option to consider.


  • Food Processors:A food processor serves a variety of functions in the kitchen, including chopping, shredding fruits and vegetables, as well as making dough. Food processors are therefore much more preferred than other similar appliances, like a hand blender and a vegetable chopper, which specialize in specific tasks. Inspite of these pros food processors come with some cons;
  1. It requires a large amount of space in the kitchen.
  2. It is not ideal for liquid drinks or soups.
  3. It consumes more electricity than mixers.
  4. It takes up a lot of time to clean as it is bigger.
  5. They tend to make more noise than mixers.
  • Mixer Grinder:mixer grinder is a significant kitchen appliance. It has been revolutionizing the way of modern cooking. In order to make cooking easier, a good quality mixer-grinder will do all the mixing and grinding for you.


With a mixer grinder, you can grind wet and dry ingredients that go into your delicious recipes. Mixer grinders may need little water to be added to the ingredients for convenient mixing. With it, you can make smooth purees, smoothies, chutneys, and batters with ease. A mixer-grinder usually comes with 2-jars, one big and one small jar to finely grind the ingredients.


Kenstar offers a great range of mixer grinders with stunning new designs and advanced features with motors ranging from 500W to 1000W.


The best mixer grinders in India come with 3 jars for multi-function. Robusto Pro 4J is a Kenstar Mixer Grinder accompanied by 4 jars and power plus turbo motor. Legend Pro 8Yuva DXRobustoSpice C 500WTufee and Taskee 5C 500W with Endura Plus 100% copper motor are some great options to consider from the Kenstar range of mixer-grinders for your kitchen needs.


Check out the Kenstar website to explore our range of Mixer-grinders.


Kenstar has a strong service support network across India to ensure prompt service and maintenance of your appliances, and 350+ service centers across India.


Kenstar has a strong service support network across India to ensure prompt service and maintenance of your appliances, and 350+ service centers across India.

Email your service request to customercare@kenstar.in

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